Australia’s premier fire sculpture company will ignite your event, leaving a lasting glow in the hearts and minds of your audience.

We forged our skills creating effigies for the global Burning Man phenomenon and are bringing this transformative experience to a wider Australian audience.

Pyromancer & Co is the progeny of three of Australia’s finest fire artists


We design, build and install unique wooden sculptures that transcend the ordinary. Our creations blend mixed media and lighting, each a masterpiece with a captivating presence.

Experience the unforgettable climax where our sculptures erupt in a vibrant tapestry of fire, theatre, animation, and puppetry. The raw power of the flame will ignite your senses, warm your soul, and leave your audience breathless with wonder.

Embracing the primal human connection to fire, our work seeks to create a spiritual reminder of the impermanence of existence and the power of nature.


We approach our work with a high level of professionalism with a specific focus on public safety.

Starting with our thorough risk assessment process, we partner with specialist safety companies to plan the management of all risks throughout our entire process including:

  • Site specific considerations (eg ground surface protection)
  • Compliance requirements (eg for council venues)
  • Liaise with the relevant authorities and permit requirements
  • Fire management planning
  • Weather scenarios including conditions to cancel or delay the burning component
  • Crowd control and emergency planning
  • Design of the artworks and burn process
  • Provisioning qualified fire and medical personnel and equipment
  • Coordination of crowd control, emergency response and security
  • Structural collapse, ember minimisation and ash containment
  • Site cleanup

Fire demands respect and we take all the associated risks seriously. If we cannot burn safely, we will not burn. We will only burn when the weather conditions are safe, subject to guidelines and advice from government agencies such as BOM and the CFA.


Environmental protection and sustainability are key values of Pyromancer and its founders. We apply our values to our work in the following ways:


We source timber waste including old pallets, factory off cuts and timber from demolition work. We minimise as far as practicable the purchase of new timber and only do so to meet structural engineering requirements. If you have timber to donate or that you think would be appropriate for one of our projects please contact us.

Clean burns

We do not burn treated, painted or contaminated timber. We do not use fossil fuels as accelerants. When accelerants are required, we will instead use organic fuels such as waste vegetable oil, biodiesel and ethanol. We want our ash, once filtered for nails and screws, to fertilise the soil.



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