Pyromancer & Co is currently taking bookings for the 2024 and 2025 fire art seasons. The season runs from mid-late May until August subject to guidelines and advice from government agencies such as BOM and the CFA. 

Due to the complexity of our artwork and the safety process, the best place to start the process is a meeting on Zoom or the phone.
Book your free initial meeting

our first conversation will likely discuss:

  • Your audience numbers and vibe
  • Date and Location of your event
  • How we can impress your audience
  • Type, scale and number of artworks
  • Suitability of your location and protection of your site
  • General safety considerations
  • Working with your existing team and structures
  • Ballpark budgets
  • Our process



Phone: Glenn on 0488 860 268

Zoom: Schedule a zoom on Glenn's ActionSkills page here